Posted by: crudbasher | January 12, 2011

A Flood of New Mobile Devices Coming to a Classroom Near You

This past week has been fascinating to watch from a mobile device perspective.

First was CES (consumer electronics show).  This show was dominated by three types of electronics.

1. Smart Phones – Lots and lots of capability, and the price is dropping on them fast.

2. Tablets – Here comes the flood of tablets. I imagine less than half of the tablets unveiled this week will survive to the end of the year, but the odds of a true competitor to the iPad to emerge are good.

3. Internet TVs.  It seems the TV makers are furiously stuffing Internet capability into their TVs.  I’m not a fan of this concept though. We keep TVs a lot longer than we keep other devices.  The Internet technology in the TVs will seem really primitive in 5 years time.  I would rather have a separate box and hook it up to a nice TV.

The second event was yesterday’s announcement of the Verizon iPhone.  According to some sources I have seen, this expanded market might see another 20 million iPhones sold this year.

So what does this all add up to? A huge opportunity for learning software and apps.  As the mobile market gets larger it becomes more lucrative for software makers to focus on educational apps.  The more devices, the more developers.  I think this year might be the break out year for educational apps.  As teachers what are we going to do when a student shows up in class with an app that teachers the same subject we are teaching?

The stormfront is getting closer.

For more on Mobile in the Classroom check out this great article by the xplanation’s Rob Reynolds.


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