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New LMS from Instructure Goes Open Source — Campus Technology

Update: I found a blog posting about this at Hack Education

Quite an interesting development.  This new LMS system called Canvas seems to be a glimpse of the future (possi. It integrates with Facebook, and all sorts of other technologies.  In fact it just went open source, which means you can make new parts to it just like Moodle.

I think the trend here is towards a more open LMS rather than the closed boxes we have seen previously.  It’s quite a tricky business to be able to be open enough to allow students to use more web tools, and yet still keep things confidential to the level required.

I’ll keep an eye on this one!

  • Interesting open source LMS

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    • Instructure has publicly released the source code to its Canvas learning management system, which was launched in 2010. Currently, 26 institutions have signed contracts with Instructure, including 17 within the Utah Education Network. The company said that more than 100 other schools are currently evaluating its application.
    • Canvas, a cloud-based application, provides standard course management as well as newer features, such as learning outcomes, peer review, migration tools, e-portfolios, screen sharing, video chat, and rubrics. The SpeedGrader puts a video, blog, document, or spreadsheet into a format viewable in a Web browser, allowing the teacher to grade the material and make comments.
    • Above all, the product is being promoted as having an open architecture. “We don’t think we’re going to predict what the next big shift is for the Internet, so we’ve built an architecture that’s easy to plug into,” said Coates. “Historically, LMSs have been walled gardens. They’ve been closed and monolithic in their architecture. From day one, Instructure has been designed to be open.”
    • As a start, Canvas integrates with Web services such as Google Docs, Google Calendar, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and RSS. When a teacher changes the date of a quiz, for example, the system automatically sends a text message to students who want notifications sent to their phone, a Facebook message to students who want notifications sent to their social network, or an e-mail message to students who prefer that.
    • Instructure is offering three editions of its product. Canvas Community Edition (CE), available for a free download, will include an open source AGPL license and community-provided support. Canvas Pro will have a commercial license and will offer four levels of support, from basic to professional service. Both of those editions are expected to be run on institutional hardware. The third option will be Canvas Pro Cloud, which will be made available as a service subscription and come with three levels of support, from basic to premium.
    • Later this month the company will issue a version of SpeedGrader for the iPad. In the third quarter of 2011, Instructure reported, the company will release its entire application as an iPad app, with other mobile platforms to follow.

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  1. Interesting, as it happens, I am working on an opensource LMS myself. Nice to see what others are doing!

    • Really? That’s cool! Is it published yet or is it still top secret?

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