Posted by: crudbasher | February 7, 2011

New Cell Phone and Computer Technology Coming To Classrooms

One of the ways schools control their students is by filtering certain websites from their wifi networks. This works for now because most students don’t have smart phones. This will change rapidly within the next few years. Several pieces of the puzzle are snapping into place.

Item 1: A new cell phone technology called lightRadio. Basically it makes cell towers much more efficient and cheaper. Therefore there can be more of them and they can be faster. This allows 3G or 4G technology to be much better. In fact, with 4G the speeds start to get close to wifi.

Item 2: The Sony PSP2. This is the next version of Sony’s portable gaming system. Its performance is supposed to be on par with the PS3, which has the highest performance of the current home systems. Several supercomputers around the world have been built using clusters of the chip in the PS3.

Here’s a video of a game on the PSP2.

So what does this add up to? By Christmas time this year, students will be walking into classrooms with a computer capable of high performance simulations.  Now put some education software on it and you can really go places!  If they would only throw wireless HD into the mix, you can then put the game up on the classroom projectors.

This level of game performance will be in tablets like the iPad within a few years.

The future of this tech is easy to predict: Performance up, price down, more ubiquity. (or else we can just ban them right?)

Get ready, here it comes!

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    • Alcatel-Lucent is making a bold claim today: its new line of lightRadio cellular hardware can double the bits flying through the air to your smartphone, and it can do so at half the cost.
    • LightRadio uses a new antenna that, in Alcatel-Lucent’s words, collapses three radios into one. The radios are tiny cubes of 2.5 inches square, and each can operate between 1.8GHz and 2.6GHz. They use tiny amps that can be located atop the tower, built into the antenna enclosure, which keeps the amp size down and dramatically cuts down on the power loss.
    • The end result of the system: lightRadio cell towers don’t need huts, they don’t need air conditioners and heaters, big amps, fans, or even local processing gear.
    • Though it will take months for any carrier to roll out this or similar gear, advances like lightRadio are crucial as wireless usage continues to soar and smartphones break out of the enterprise and the technorati and into the mainstream. And by making cell infrastructure smaller, cheaper, and less power-hungry, this sort of gear brings wireless networking into reach of more people, especially in rural areas and developing countries.

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