Posted by: crudbasher | February 10, 2011

Much Faster Internet Coming to Classrooms

This is an interesting article but I’m not sure I agree with the conclusions. The article talks about a new wifi standard that will be 6-10 times faster than 802.11n. The main devices that use Wifi only are PCs and most tablets. Sales of PCs are leveling off (see this article). It’s true that wifi is faster than 3G right now. When you are home with you phone you want to use wifi for connecting to the net. However. upcoming 4G networks will be a lot faster than 3G. While it won’t be close to 1Gbps wifi, it will be fast enough for web browsing.

Where I really think 1Gbps wifi will make an impact will be in schools. Right now even with 802.11n, you still can’t have a whole class online at the same time especially if you want them to do video. This new wifi standard will change that. Of course now the school itself will need a much faster internet connection.

As I look at the battle between wired (home broadband+wifi) and wireless (cell carriers) I think the winner eventually will be wireless.  We will move through our world in an invisible sea of data, always connected and online.

    • Not only is 1Gbps heading for your Wi-Fi network by next year, it will be instantly über popular. The new 802.11ac 1G Wi-Fi standard hasn’t even been ratified by the IEEE yet and In-Stat predicts that by 2015, consumers will have bought nearly 1 billion devices that use it.


    • Mobile devices with embedded Wi-Fi will make up most of the market. In 2015, shipments of mobile phones with embedded Wi-Fi are projected to approach 800 million.


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  1. I hadn’t considered using a cell network over wireless network for Internet access, it makes sense. In a school of 500 students, connecting to a wireless network can make for a lot of frustration. It could certainly alleviate some of that!

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