Posted by: crudbasher | February 11, 2011

Imagine this Massive Touchscreen in Your Classroom


Heh this is awesome! The last few weeks I have talked about the wave of new technology that will eventually make its way into classrooms around the country. Smartphones and faster wifi are a pretty good bet to happen. This very large touchscreen will be possible as well in a few years. While technology like this screen has been around for at least 5 years, it is coming down in price really fast. The specs of the system they build in this example are not remarkable.

The screen supports 100 touches where each finger counts as a touch. Therefore you could have 10 students interacting easily together. How much more engaging could you get?

I can forsee a future where the very walls of the classroom will be a massive touchscreen display. As a teacher, what would you use it for?

Any ideas?

    • This is the curved screen in our reality center of the University of Groningen. We just finished building our own touch detection for it. We used six Optitrack v120 slim camera’s which have a good sensitivity for infrared light. We used 16 cheap infrared emitters (the kind used for security systems) with a total of 1000 LED’s.


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  1. Now this would allow for some collaborative creation! It would also be great for students interacting in “virtual” learning spaces with learners from around the world.

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