Posted by: crudbasher | February 14, 2011

Google TV sets its sights on education

H/T The Committed Sardine

Technology like Google TV is really how future content will be consumed on devices I think. One interface to aggregate everything. Technically there is nothing wrong with the technology, it’s the business model that is currently under fire.

Major content houses like CBS are balking at letting Google aggregate their content. This is happening more and more right now. Even Netflix is under fire for deals they made when they were smaller.

One good use for Google TV will be in the classroom. It can carry a set of programming and videos for education use, which is less controversial. “it’s for the kids” has long been used to try to sell things to people. 🙂

I had predicted this last year when Google TV came out. It’s interesting to see it starting up!

    • Google have just announced Google TV for EDU – a seeding program to support university research. Google plans to have their TV set top boxes set up around selected schools and classrooms in America in a research project. They want to see if the presence of a web TV can help to generate new interest in television engineering, make computer science tangible for students, help in development of smart TV curricula and new educational tools, contribute to in-classroom and distance learning over television, and to reach a wide audience


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  1. I’m glad to see the shift this direction. I know it is keeping the business minds on their toes but as a consumer, it makes so much more sense.

  2. It is really good to see that a device made for the entertainment of the world is aiding in education for our future. Of course our future being the kids. I really do believe that this is a step forward in teaching kids. I do work for DISH Network, and have an account of my own. My kids use the Logitech Revue that I had purchased for $179 through DISH, and let me tell you, they have taken so much from it. It is simple to control, so they can easily find any information that they need. I’ve noticed that their grades have gone up. I’ve noticed them using the Internet while they are watching Discovery Channel or Science Channel if they don’t know what something is. It makes me feel good about purchasing it. Also with all these new schools getting TVs installed in the classrooms, it seems like such a good idea to have the Google boxes in the rooms.

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