Posted by: crudbasher | February 17, 2011

A Graph of What’s to Come in Computer Speeds

Wow. This article has a bunch of techie talk so let me break it down for non nerds.

Typically a computer chip company tries to make a new chip every year. This chip usually will be about double the speed of what came the previous year. (Moore’s Law) NVIDIA one of the biggest makers of graphics chips in the world. A graphics chip is very important to a computer because it’s what makes the cool graphics on screen happen. They can also be used for lots of computationally advanced things.

NVIDIA has just announced they will be speeding up their business to make a new chip every 6 months for cell phones. What this means can be seen in this roadmap graphic. (H/T Anandtech)

NVIDIA Roadmap Graphic

In 2014 they will be putting graphics chips in cell phones that are 100x faster than what is coming out right now. That will allow graphics that are just about totally realistic looking. In other words, you won’t be able to tell the difference between a game and a video.

This is not just about faster cell phones. With computer power like this it will open up new uses for mobile technology that we can’t do now.

I know this is a common theme on this blog, but it’s not too early to start thinking about what to do with this new technology when students bring it to school. The Stormfront is approaching. 🙂

  • Great article about Nvidia’s plans for chip power.

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    • In our Optimus 2X Review I mentioned that it looked like NVIDIA was going to be moving to a 6-month product cycle in the SoC space. The intention is to out execute its competitors frequently enough that they are either forced out of the market or into making a mistake trying to keep up.


    • it’s the end of 2011 that’s sort of amazing. Internally NVIDIA referred to this chip as Tegra 3, and externally we expected it at the tail end of 2011 with devices launching in Q1 2012.


    • Kal-El will be sampling this year and shipping in devices as early as August 2011.


    • Tablets based on Kal-El will be available starting August 2011, while smartphones will be available this Christmas and into the first half of next year.


    • The furthest NVIDIA is willing to go out is 2014 with Stark, at roughly a doubling of the performance offered by Logan.


    • The baseline reference point is Tegra 2, which NVIDIA expects Stark to outperform by a factor of 100x. NVIDIA also expects Kal-El to be somewhere in the realm of the performance of a Core 2 Duo processor (more on this later).


    • Based on the cadence that NVIDIA presented, it looks like every year we’ll either get a doubling or 5x increase in performance over the previous year


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  1. Pretty incredible, it already feels like technology is moving faster than we can keep up with it, cannot imagine the implications of speeding that up!

  2. […] are still getting faster and faster. Moore’s Law observes that computer will be thousands of times faster in just 10 years. An […]

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