Posted by: crudbasher | February 28, 2011

Apple Wants Every Student to Have a Smartphone

Me in Banff

I’m in Banff Canada for the next few days attending the Learning Analytics and Knowledge conference. (twitter hashtag #lak11) (good daily summary on Doug Clow’s blog)I’ll still try to blog each day even though it’s freezing here! (I’m from Florida)

This really interesting article is an interview with Tim Cook from Apple. The key point is that Apple really wants to sell more smart phones, for a lower price. This matches what Google has been saying too. Schools are a big target for both companies. It has been proven that brand loyalties are established before the age of 24 therefore getting your smartphone into a student’s hands is a big deal.

Another interesting development is Motorola is creating this new product space called a Webtop. Basically it’s a screen and keyboard that you plug your smartphone into. This allows you to use it sort of like a regular computer.

So maybe students will bring their smartphones to school, and plug them into a screen and keyboard. That’s a cheap way to get a 1:1 environment right?

  • Interview with Tim Cook from Apple.

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    • In a research note this morning, Bernstein Research analyst Toni Sacconaghi reports on a meeting he had last week with Apple COO Tim Cook, CFO Peter Oppenheimer and VP of Internet Services Eddy Cue. His high level takeaway is that the executives “projected a very confident tone,” and that Apple is focused on “the right things,” in particular expanding the market for the iPhone and capitalizing on “explosive” tablet demand.


    • The analyst says Cook “appeared to reaffirm the notion that Apple is likely to develop lower priced offerings” to expand the market for the iPhone. Cook said the company is planning “clever things” to address the prepaid market, and that Apple did not want its products to be “just for the rich,” and that the company is “not ceding any market.”


    • Cook indicated that the tablet market would be much bigger than the PC market.


    • Cook said he felt that iPhone was just below food and water on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and that ultimately all phone would be smart phones.


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