Posted by: crudbasher | March 9, 2011

Sal Khan’s TED Talk Video

Sal Khan is my hero. There I said it.

In this TED video (filmed this week I believe) he finally lays out what I think is the key to post Industrial style education. I’ll expound after the video.

What is the key? Time.

We can throw money at the problem all day long. In fact we spend vast sums of money at education in the US but have seemed to hit a wall in terms of results. Why? I think it’s because of time.

If learning can only take place for 6 hours a day, for 180 days a year you have finite time. Some students may need more of less of this time. By disconnecting learning from a fixed clock, you place the emphasis on  comprehension, not seat time.

By putting the lessons online you let the teacher have more instructional 1 on 1 time instead of being a broadcast system. Not only that, but the video Mr. Khan makes have a sense of humor, which is a beautiful thing.

This is the wave of the future folks. Awesome!



  1. Time is a good way to sum it up- but it needs to be defined as you have specified. I really love that the Khan Academy helps people carry out this DIY Learning- which is a model that education should be looking at for reform options.

    Why does all the learning have to happen in the classroom? Why does knowledge delivery have to stop when students exit the classroom? Why are some teachers still afraid to share their materials, ideas, and expertise openly?

    What if students were able to learn online anytime? What if they came to class to discuss what they DISCOVERED about a topic?

    What if students were able to take as much time as they needed to learn a point? what if they were able to learn about it in a way they preferred- through audio, video, images, or games?

    I LOVE this general idea.

    • Hey Leah! I’m starting a series of posts about the concept of time and how it relates to school. I would be interested in your thoughts!!

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