Posted by: crudbasher | March 15, 2011

Are You An Indispensable Teacher?


Seth Godin had a nice post today about being indispensable in your job. He says that if you are approaching your work as just a job, you will be replaceable. If you are approaching it as your mission and use some innovation you will be a linchpin, which is his way of saying you will be indispensable.

I tend to agree with him. The problem is, the public school system can only function with teachers who are standardized. You have to be able to hire someone to teach 5th grade English who has been certified to do that position. You don’t want any more or less than that job.

Teachers who excel can actually cause problems too. If students are engaged and motivated to learn in a teacher’s class, it can make the other teachers look bad and feel uncomfortable. This has not happened to me personally, but I am sure it has happened around the country.

Any horror stories out there?

  • Nice post about the difference between a job and a linchpin

    tags: education teaching

    • You might very well be doing a good job. But that doesn’t mean you’re a linchpin, the one we’ll miss. For that, you have to stop thinking about the job and start thinking about your platform, your point of view and your mission.

      It’s entirely possible you work somewhere that gives you no option but to merely do a job. If that’s actually true, I wonder why someone with your potential would stay…

      In the post-industrial revolution, the very nature of a job is outmoded. Doing a good job is no guarantee of security, advancement or delight.

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