Posted by: crudbasher | March 23, 2011

A Possible Amazon Tablet?

This is a good story today on the potential for to make their own tablet to take on the iPad.

I think has an ecosystem that is even better than Apple’s so this story makes sense. If you look at all the pieces they are putting together in this story, it makes sense. We will see!

More competition is a good thing and will help drive prices down. As prices fall, and the tablets get faster, look to see many more students showing up to school with these.

  • could be a big player in the tablet market

    tags: amazon technology tablet

    • It would be foolish not to include Amazon on the list of potentially huge players in the tablet industry.


    • While the company is still only selling simple Kindle e-readers, Amazon has quietly built all the tools it needs to compete against Apple and the other tablet makers with its own Android-based tablets.


    • Amazon just launched its Android app store today. It could easily end up better than Google’s built-in Android Market


    • Amazon’s music store and video streaming service are as close to Apple’s iTunes as it gets.


    • Amazon Prime members can stream unlimited movies and TV episodes from a small (but inevitably growing) library of content.


    • Amazon has a massive distribution vehicle… in


    • Amazon builds good hardware.


    • Amazon is ambitious and sees ahead of slower competitors.


    • Amazon is already trying to hire more Android people.


    • We wouldn’t be surprised if Amazon did something interesting in mobile advertising, either — another marketplace in which to disrupt the incumbents like Google.


    • So, where would Amazon fit into the market? Probably not at the high end — it would be almost impossible to beat Apple in hardware or software quality, so Amazon probably won’t try.

      But if it can design decent hardware, there’s no reason Amazon couldn’t compete with the likes of Motorola, HTC, and Samsung in the mid-level Android tablet market.



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