Posted by: crudbasher | March 25, 2011

Telepresence Fieldtrips?

One of the challenges to writing for this blog isn’t trying to find content, it’s trying to figure out which fields of technology to follow. Oh I have my favorites of course, computer graphics, computer technology in general, and online content but there are some other that could significantly affect the classroom.

For example, here is a story of a telepresence avatar that sits on your shoulder.

Imagine how this could be used? Let’s say you are teaching a class on NASA. Let’s also say that there is a little telepresence robot on an astronauts shoulder on the space station. Using a classroom projector you could literally see things from the astronauts point of view.

If you decouple the robot from a person and make it mobile, you could operate it from around the world. What do you want to visit today? How about a robot underwater? On a mountain? At the coliseumin Rome?

This is different from simulation (which is also really great for the classroom) as this is a real experience.

The technology to do this is pretty much here now. The US military flying drones in Afganistan and Iraq that are operated by a person in Nevada.

Here’s one you can try: University of Richmond Webcam. You can even more the camera around!  This one is stationary of course, but you can see the potential.

It’s an amazing future coming our way.

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