Posted by: crudbasher | March 29, 2011

Every Student Will Have A Computer; They’re Called Smartphones

I have been speculating about this for a while now. I predict within the next 3 years every student who shows up to High School will have a smart phone in their pocket. Teachers will either adapt or lose relevance.

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  • Smartphones as the computer in the classroom.

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    • An internationally known technology expert says smart phones will one day replace computers inside classrooms.
    • “Schools are struggling so often with buying computers, but they’re making kids turn off their computers or leave them at home. Their computers being cell phones,” said former teacher and mobile technology expert Tony Vincent.
    • “It sounds really cool. I thought they were really expensive but it sounds really good we can have all this stuff at our fingertips for so cheap,” said 14-year-old student Perry Kate.
    • Kate says it all makes perfect sense to him and his peers. “We were just talking about it in class today. Imagine if everybody had secondhand iPhones instead of four or five text books.”

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  1. […] So… how many of your students will have one of these phones in the fall when school starts again? What will you do if all of them do… […]

  2. […] article supports an argument I have been making for a while which is students will bring their own technology much faster than schools can provide it. […]

  3. I disagree with this as smartphones do not have the same functionality as a pc.

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