Posted by: crudbasher | April 4, 2011

Reducing In State Admissions To Admit More Out Of State Students

Wow I have to admit I didn’t see this one coming.

University of Washington (not uniquely) is reducing the amount of in state students it is admitting in order to make room for more out of state students. Why? Out of state students pay more tuition.

Again, wow. Still, with the cost of college these days maybe they are doing the in state students a favor? Now they will have to go to community college or technical schools. That might not be a bad thing.

I see this trend increasing in future years.

  • Dang. Cutting local students to boost out of state numbers for more money.

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    • Soon after the University of Washington’s acceptance letters for undergraduate admission went out in the mail last month, the rumors started flying at local high schools.

    • High-school seniors with top test scores didn’t get in.

      Students who got into more prestigious schools were wait-listed at the UW.

      Valedictorians with straight-A’s were denied admission, while out-of-state students with lower grades were accepted.

      Turns out all those rumors are true.

    • Elsewhere in the U.S., as state funding has shrunk, other flagship universities have aggressively courted out-of-state students to make up for lost revenue — notably, the University of Oregon, where 47 percent of the school’s freshmen were from out of state in 2010, and the University of Colorado, Boulder, where 43 percent of freshmen were from out of state.

    • Although every public university in Washington is facing the same cutbacks, they are not all trimming their freshman class.

      Washington State University boosted the number of in-state freshmen it admitted this year by about 13 percent, expecting to enroll about 400 more freshmen in fall 2011 than it did last year, said John Fraire, vice president of enrollment management. To make room, the school will have to stretch housing and classrooms, he said.

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