Posted by: crudbasher | April 27, 2011

More Competition for Netflix


As readers of this blog know, I have been keeping tabs on the content wars. Movie studios vs Netflix vs vs Google. It’s been fun and fast moving so far!

The latest news is that YouTube (owned by Google) is working on deals with major studios to rent their movies on YouTube. This would put them in direct competition with Netflix. (and Hulu etc…)

A few interesting points from the article. First, Netflix now has more subscribers than cable giant Comcast. Wow!

Secondly content producers are realizing that they can distribute their own content.

What does this mean for Education? Well, let me put it this way. Who is the content producer at a university? It’s not the university itself. It’s the teacher. Teachers will be able to offer their own online courses outside the university system. There are actually some website now that can do that already.

200 years ago, students used to pay their teachers directly rather than pay the university. I think this model will come back again, and it won’t take to long for that to happen.

What do you all think?

  • More competition for Netflix

    tags: technology netflix google

    • YouTube could become the latest to offer a movie rental service, challenging streaming sites such as Netflix.

    • The entertainment news site The Wrap says Google is lining up deals with major Hollywood studios in order to launch the service. The story cited an anonymous executive at a studio that has signed on who said Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Brothers, Lionsgate and Universal have all licensed their movies to the service. Not everyone is on board — Paramount, Fox and Disney declined to join.

    • Thus far, the digital movie rental industry has been dominated by Netflix.

    • Netflix also said it had 23.6 million subscribers, surpassing Comcast’s total of 22.8 million.

    • Competition for Netflix’s top spot has been rampant in the growing industry. This year alone, Amazon, Hulu as well as traditional brick-and-mortar retailers Best Buy and Wal-Mart have all introduced Netflix competitors. YouTube would be the latest entry into the increasingly crowded market.

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