Posted by: crudbasher | May 2, 2011

Does A Part Time School Need A Building Full Time?

I’m back! I took Thursday and Friday off from blogging. I had just finished a huge project at work and wanted to park my brain for a few days. Now back to work!

I heard a commercial over the weekend that got me thinking about Education. Have you ever heard about temporary office space companies? Here’s an example: Premiere Business Centers .

These companies provide very nice offices and meeting spaces for companies to rent when they need them. If you are a small business and only infrequently need such a space it doesn’t make sense to have such a space full time.

As more and more education moves online as I think is inevitable, you really won’t need to be at a school full time anymore. What if there were school buildings that you could use when you needed them? That way several schools could share a single building. That would have to cut down on infrastructure costs which can be huge. Also, you could have specialized buildings that are used for specialized classes. There could be an athletics complex for use during PE etc… I wonder if that idea has been tried on a school district level?

In addition, local companies might allow their spaces to be used for classes. That would be a very cool field trip!

There are probably several flaws in this idea. The biggest I can think of is how do you get all the students there? We seem to have enough trouble just getting everyone to the same school everyday with buses right?

Well this is where the self-driving car might come in… 🙂


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