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Intel: New Architecture To Sustain Moore’s Law ‘for Years to Come’ — Campus Technology

This is a cool story with implications for Education in 5-10 years.

Intel has announced a new way to make transistors that will allow many more of them to be placed on a chip with the added bonus of much less power consumption.

Why does this matter? Simple. This will make tablets and phones much more powerful and last longer. I have speculated for the last year about AI based learning systems. In order to do that sort of thing you will need much more computing power than what we have now. This announcement is another step in that direction.

The storm clouds of change are getting darker.

  • Big jump along Moores Law curve

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    • At a press event Wednesday, Intel revealed design improvements that will allow it to produce significantly faster chips with dramatically reduced power consumption.

    • Intel representatives at today’s press event wouldn’t comment on initial clock speeds or other specifications for chips using the new architecture but said simply those chips would be significantly more powerful while consuming significantly less power.

    • Holt said the 3D tri-gate architecture, which has been in development for about 10 years, will allow Intel to sustain its historical pace of development following Moore’s Law, which predicts a doubling of the number of transistors that can be packed into a given area on a chip every two years or so.

    • Intel senior fellow Mark Bohr pointed out that the new architecture results in "10 times lower [power] leakage," an important factor for handhelds, as well as "greater active power savings when set at a lower threshold voltage."

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  1. Very true! I think that we will see faster and faster movement towards AI in all aspects of our lives, precisely because of Moore’s Law. Check out the recent documentary on Ray Kurzweil if you have not seen it – really fascinating – . Also a great Wired magazine article on him that does a good job of explaining his vision of the future –

    • Yeah I have been following Kurzweil’s work for a while now. If he’s right our world will transform in our lifetime. Exciting stuff! Thanks so much for commenting Carol! 🙂

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