Posted by: crudbasher | May 24, 2011

A Digital Textbook that is Better than the Physical Book

Update: I came across this much better article from TechCrunch. Included in the article is the bombshell that the textbook comes with lifelong free upgrades! Wow!

I have noticed with technology that when things move from the physical world to the digital, they tend to maintain the same form for the first generation.

The first webpages were basically no different from a Word doc in that there was no interaction. These days with Flash and Java and other technologies, a website can be dynamic and personalized.

The first generation of digital textbooks followed a similar pattern in that they were just digital version of the physical book. Now, finally we are starting to see digital textbooks with a lot more potential.

In this new textbook students will have access to research papers about the topic and interactive lessons. More importantly, the teacher can even make changes to the content to more personalize it for their class. This sort of thing will continue rapidly I think. These new features give an actual reason to have an eReader for school besides the “it’s lighter” argument.

H/T Engadget

  • Very cool digital textbook idea

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    • This fall, students at California State University will be at least make a step up to fast food. CSU has announced a three-year deal with Nature Publishing Group for low-cost, interactive, web-based textbooks with access options for disabled students. The first to be offered is an introductory biology text, fittingly titled Principles of Biology. Students on the L.A., Northridge, and Chico campuses will each have varying payment and licensing models, but 49 bucks gets anyone a full edition starting September 1st. Professors can edit the content, which includes 175 “interactive lessons,” access to a database of research papers, and assessments for students.

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