Posted by: crudbasher | June 10, 2011

Student: Know Thyself

(cc) nivs

I came across this interesting idea and a website. It’s called Self Tracking. The idea is, to use technology and apps to keep track of a lot of data about your life and how you live it. Then, you can use that information to make informed decisions about your life.

Many people already use this sort of technology in the form of a calorie counter app. You can put in the food you eat so you can keep your calories down enough to lose some weight. This category of app I think will really take off in the coming years.

The application for education is pretty obvious. You can have an app that helps you study, that keeps track of how much you are sleeping, that can do research for you, etc… In this way we will begin to augment the human body and mind.

Here’s a pretty cool website that seems to be devoted to apps like this. There are a lot more of them then I thought!

Quantified Self 


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