Posted by: crudbasher | June 20, 2011

Majority Of Smartphone Users Online “Multiple Times” Daily

I think smartphones are a very disruptive technology for schools. I found this interesting study of smartphone usage. Turns out users of smartphones typically use them “multiple times” a day. What is important here is why they are using them. In every case, they go online to learn something. Think about it. Every time you do a web search you are trying to learn something you don’t know.

The smartphone seems to be a fantastic tool for more structured learning too. You know on Google when you search the first thing you see if the “Sponsored links” section? Imagine if that also included lessons you can download to learn about your search topic? That would be awesome!

Here’s an interesting problem though. How will teachers react to this? Imagine you are a teacher trying to teach in the traditional manner and your students tell you that they can just do an online, interactive lesson on their phones. What do you do?

See if you can figure out what this means: (bonus points if you use a smartphone heh. )

posterus propinquo velociter

  • study showing smartphone usage

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    • Google has done a number of mobile studies and recently presented those findings in several different contexts. It’s thus unclear whether this is completely new data. The findings, however, are striking and confirm what we already know: mobile is a vital resource for consumers and a critical medium for marketers — most of whom are late to the party already.
    • In the US smartphone penetration stands at about 36 percent according to the most recent Nielsen data. In Western Europe, on a percentage basis, the numbers are higher in several countries. The Google research showed that increasingly smartphone users go online daily and that many are on the mobile internet multiple times a day
    • What’s especially impressive here is the direct relationship between the search/lookup and subsequent action. More than 90 percent of these local information seekers are taking action; in the case of France it’s 100 percent. These are extremely valuable consumers: they search, they buy.

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