Posted by: crudbasher | June 29, 2011

Space Shuttle Discovery 360 Degree Picture

I love things like this!

Space Shuttle Discovery Cockpit Picture


This is a great example of a remote field trip. It is unlikely that your class can take a field trip to Kennedy Space Center, and then get to go into the cockpit of Discovery. (ok it’s more than unlikely).

But, while a picture isn’t quite as good as being there, it’s still a lot better than nothing at all. If we maybe thrown in some 3D photography (yes I do think 3D is good for somethings) then it would be an even more useful learning tool.

This sort of data will become much more common on the net as bandwidth increases. Another application of the Internet for fieldtrips is via live web cams. I sometimes look for webcams just to get out of the office mentally for a few minutes. Here is a list of controllable web cams.

This technology will only get better as time goes on. Awesome!



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