Posted by: crudbasher | June 30, 2011

Understanding the Rate of Change

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People who don’t follow technology don’t realize how fast things are moving. They may think things are moving fast, but they really don’t understand that the rate of change is accelerating. This article illustrates this point.

According to a recent story, the amount of information on the Internet will increase by 50 times in the next 9 years. This points to several things:

The previous decade as been about better creation of content and making it mobile. The rate of data creation is increasing rapidly. Search engines like Google that operate on keywords and link associations will not be effective. Even today Google has only indexed 0.004% of the Internet. In order to use this information effectively, we will need a different way of interfacing with it besides a search engine. Vast increases in computing power will enable intelligent AI assistants who connect you to the Internet. They will do your searches for you and communicate to each other to share information. In other words, we will add an interpretation layer to the raw data so we can make better use of it.

Prediction: this decade will be focused on usability rather than content.

So what does this mean for schools?

  1.  It will be ridiculous for teachers to be the sole provider of information in the classroom by 2020.
  2. Each student will have access to the Internet at all times and will expect to use it in class.

We all know changes are coming. It’s just a question of the magnitude.


  • huge increase in the amount of data produced in next 5 years

    tags: technology profound internet data

    • In 2011, the amount of information created and replicated will surpass 1.8 zettabytes (1.8 trillion gigabytes), growing by a factor of 9 in just five years, according to the fifth annual IDC Digital Universe study released Tuesday.
    • By 2020 the world will generate 50 times the amount of information and 75 times the number of “information containers” while IT staff to manage it will grow less than 1.5 times.
    • In the next five years, these files will grow by a factor of 8, while the pool of IT staff available to manage them will grow only slightly.
    • The IDC study predicts that overall data will grow by 50 times by 2020, and unstructured information — such as files, email and video — will account for 90% of all data created over the next decade.

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