Posted by: crudbasher | July 28, 2011

Qualcomm’s Awesome Augmented Reality SDK Now Available For iOS | TechCrunch

Apple and other companies are known for product innovation. Even so, you still have to use their products the way they designed them. If you really want to unleash innovation however, you release the tools used to make your software so others can make them too. This article talks about the release of the tools used to make Augmented Reality apps for the iPhone and iPad. I ‘m hoping we start to see this technology used for education learning tools!

Augmented reality seems to be a natural tool for mobile learning.


    • This first release of the SDK supports the iPhone 4, iPad 2, and fourth generation iPod Touch — none of which have Snapdragon CPUs in them. Furthermore, this release supports Unity (a WYSIWYG-style rapid game development tool) right off the bat, whereas the Android release didn’t get Unity support until a few months. Developers can also work in straight in Xcode if they so choose.


      This platform lowers the “You must be this crazy of a developer to ride this ride” bar considerably, so expect an onslaught of Augmented Reality apps in the App Store before too long.

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