Posted by: crudbasher | August 2, 2011

A Significant Advance for Augmented Reality

One of the big limitations currently to augmented reality apps is you need to have some kind of code or target for the app to recognize. With recent advances in computer vision this is changing. Now your AR device can recognize actual objects in the world.

The applications for Education will be huge. Just point your phone at something and it will show you information about it. Being able to merge information with the real world is a tipping point for AR technology. Now they just need to get a decent glasses mounted display system and we are in business. 🙂

Check out the video! (H/T Techcrunch)

    • Recently a few startups have started to appear with mobile apps allowing you to point a smartphone at an object and view some kind of augmented reality object or information associated with it. Usually they’ve done this by being activated by some kind of QR code or similar. Others have started to appear with apps where no code is needed.


      Blippar is one such startup that is poised to release an iPhone ap that does just this. But for the user behaviour to take off we need a platform with real existing traction.


      Thus today Layar, the largest of the mobile augmented reality platforms, is launching Layar Vision. As implied, Layar will now be able to recognise real world objects and show digital content on top of them. It works particularly well with posters, magazines and newspapers.

    • Right now it can instantaneously detect up to 50 objects and combine them with location-based layers.

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