Posted by: crudbasher | August 17, 2011

MIT Starting A Mobile Education Research Lab

I have a healthy respect for the folks at MIT. Definately some smarties. 🙂

The story below talks about how they are starting a new media lab to focus on mobile education development. They led the way 10 years ago with their OpenCourseWare movement. Other universities are now doing the same thing. Once learning goes mobile, it will disrupt the traditional model of Student -> Classroom -> Teacher.

I think what will happen is MIT will develop some technologies and then a startup company will make actual usable products. Remember, in this new era of mobile devices and social media, innovations spread overnight. The field of education is ripe for innovation and disruption.


  • MIT is creating a mobile media lab. Could be disruptive.

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    • Yesterday, the university’s Media Lab announced the opening of the MIT Center for Mobile Learning, a space dedicated to "transforming education and learning" by producing mobile technology and applications that will enable people to "learn anywhere anytime with anyone."

    • The center’s plans sound like they have the potential to revolutionize the way we acquire and share knowledge. First up is connecting Google’s App Inventor for Android to the latest education technology research being developed at MIT. They’ll also be working on creating "location-aware learning applications, mobile sensing and data collection, augmented reality gaming, and other educational uses of mobile technologies."

    • With mobile phones pretty much ubiquitous these days and an increasing number of people buying tablet computers, whatever they develop is sure to make a difference in how people learn.

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