Posted by: crudbasher | September 8, 2011

Can Government Keep Up With The Internet?

I’ve never been that impressed with government. It’s bloated and seems to move slower every year. So stories like this make me question if they can keep up with technology that they only vagely understand. Still, every area of humanity has needed rules. If governments don’t create them, people will.


    • The Obama administration is seeking tougher sentences for people who are found guilty of hacking or other digital offenses, two officials said Wednesday.  

    • The administration argues the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act should be updated to make CFAA offenses subject to its terms. That law is used to prosecute organized crime. 

    • The administration’s proposal also calls for a national data breach standard to replace the current patchwork of state laws.

    • Industry has argued that resources are the main limitation and argued for incentives such as liability protection for firms that experience attacks. 

      But Baker expressed agreement with Blumenthal and said the current range of incentives built into the system, such as the loss of investor trust, stock market value and privileged corporate data has not been enough to convince companies to take adequate security measures.

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