Posted by: crudbasher | September 15, 2011

PCs Will Be Replaced By Tablets and Phones

This article supports an argument I have been making for a while which is students will bring their own technology much faster than schools can provide it. Apparently a panel of IT experts have indicated that in businesses, tablets and phones will replace PCs as the main form of computing. This makes sense if you look at these devices as just computational devices. In other words, they are still all just computers. A smartphone is a small, portable computer. Businesses used to need mainframe computers to do their work. Technology allowed lower cost PCs to do that job. These in turn will be replaced with lower cost devices that are mobile. It’s just technological progression.

Here’s a chart of computation progression from Ray Kurzweil. Smartphones and Tablets are just a natural step on this chart. So what comes after Smartphones?

  • Article about PC replacement in the business space

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    • The desktop PC is in its twilight years, pushed into irrelevance by laptops, tablets and smartphones – even in its former stronghold of the enterprise, according to CIOs.

      Doom-filled predictions about the – lack of – future for the desktop PC have been circulating for some time now. Mark Dean, one of the engineers who worked on the first IBM PC recently sparked debate about the coming post-PC era when he said: “When I helped design the PC, I didn’t think I’d live long enough to witness its decline.” Meanwhile, HP recently announced it is considering options for its own PC business, including selling or spinning it off.

    • When asked, ‘In five year’s time, will the desktop PC still be the dominant computing device for business users?’ the CIO Jury voted no by a margin of eight to four.
    • Mike Roberts, IT director at The London Clinic, also believes mobile computing is one of the chief threats to the continuing dominance of the desktop.

      “The total cost of ownership of thin client and mobile apps will drive the normal PC out. The only need I have is for a big screen and keyboard on my desk,” he said.

    • According to several CIOs, the tablet will be the…

      …most likely replacement for the traditional desktop.

      “In five years’ time we will have tablets with a small plastic keyboard attached to ‘paper’ that rolls out to be a screen, all access will be via the cloud and the only choice is whether to use private or public clouds. PCs are almost dead now,” Graham Yellowley, technology lead equities at LCH.Clearnet said.

    • Neil Hammond, CIO at British Sugar, added: “In five years’ time the PC will still be an important computing device for business use, but not necessarily the dominant device. The flexibility and convenience of more mobile devices, together with inevitable improvements in the UI, will see the traditional PC declining in popularity.”

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