Posted by: crudbasher | September 22, 2011

No Warning With Digital Innovation

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Youtube has added a new feature overnight that allows you to convert a 2d movie into 3d. I’m sure the result is fairly crude but the fact they added this fature at all illustrates the world we live in. Youtube is a free service from Google and is very widely used. Many school children use it to post videos for their friends. I’m not sure how many schools allow it into the classroom but with a 3G or 4G enabled smartphone students can skip over the school firewall.

Before the digital revolution we were limited by certain physical factors. Car makers introduced new products every year because you had to design, test, manufacture and distribute their cars. That all takes time. Now, a webtool is updated overnight with minimal effort. Yes it cost money to pay the developers to do it, but even so you don’t have distribution costs, and more importantly it doesn’t take time to push out the change.

With digital innovation you don’t have any warning it is coming. Schools have erected firewalls to try to keep this innovation out but students will be bringing it with them with their own devices. Do you ban them?

I think the defining quality of the best teachers in the future will be flexibility (of course you can make the case it is already a desired quality). Each semester will be like a safari. The teacher is the guide, has an idea of where to go but realizes that things will change along the way. Detours will be necessary.

You can’t fight this coming stormfront of change. It has a life of it’s own.

    • YouTube added several new features to its video streaming service including the ability to convert your 2D video to 3D format.
    • YouTube users will also be able to mix it up with two new video editing tools, vlix and Magisto. Vlix lets you add effects and text to the beginning and the end of your videos, while Magisto takes a longer video and breaks it up into smaller, fun clips.

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