Posted by: crudbasher | September 26, 2011

List of New Disruptive Education Companies

One of the factors I have not really been accounting for in my vision of the future is the concept of an incubator company. These are investors in Silicon Valley that are looking around for new startup companies to invest in. This provides funding and support for companies that ordinarily would have grown very slowly, if at all. This list by Michael B. Horn is just some of the companies that are emerging to try to disrupt education. Keep in mind that education in the US alone is worth almost a Trillion dollars a year. If all but one of these companies fail, that still leaves one that succeeds and with incubator companies, the chances of success are greatly improved.

When disruptive innovation is coupled with the Internet, it only takes one. Do you see a Facebook, or Netflix on the list?

  • List of disruptive companies in the education space

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    • ImagineK12, an incubator modeled after Y Combinator to help education startups “get it right and get funded,” held its first demo day for its first cohort of 10 companies Sept. 9 in Palo Alto, Calif., and a week later the companies presented at TechCrunch Disrupt.
    • The companies’ pitches were crisp and intriguing, and I was struck—and encouraged—by how many of them are attempting disruptive strategies.
    • GoalBook: The company’s mission is to create a personal learning plan for every student.
    • Formative Learning: The mission to create the first marketplace for teacher professional development.
    • TutorCloud: Aiming to disrupt the $8 billion private tutor market, TutorCloud is doing it by chasing the nonconsumption—the 80 percent or so of students that don’t take advantage of private tutoring, as I’ve written. How? Lowering the price point from, on average, $65 an hour to $25 an hour.
    • BrainNook: The company is pioneering the next-generation of learning games for people under 10-years old.
    • Eduvant: The company’s slogan is “today’s data, tomorrow’s tools” and the goal is to disrupt (broadly speaking) the data market in education filled with student information system providers and the like.

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