Posted by: crudbasher | October 10, 2011

Steve Jobs and Other Thoughts

Hi dear readers I am back from a wonderful week long cruise to the Caribbean! Surf, sand and no Internet was just what I needed. So did I miss anything? 🙂 Let me run down some thoughts.

Steve Jobs

Well I have written quite a bit about Steve Jobs in the past. I look at him as more of a marketing guy than an engineer. Does this matter? Sure it does. The big push in Education today is for more STEM classes. These are science related. The lesson of Steve Jobs is that people skills matter a whole lot even in today’s technology driven culture. We can’t forget to make sure our students get social skills too. I am a big believer in online education as a valid way to learn but I am weighing more heavily the social component now too. Conclusion? We need a learning system that can produce the next Steve Jobs.

New iPhone

I think the most significant thing that came out in the iPhone announcement last week was the fact the new model will work on any cell network. Add to this Sprint becoming the third US carrier to have it and you now have a competitive market. It is only the 2 year contract that is keeping people locked in. I wonder how long it will be for a new carrier to emerge that just provides a data plan with no contract? With something like Skype, technically you don’t need voice minutes.

Quikster is no more

I have to laugh about this a bit. Three weeks ago Netflix announced they were splitting their DVD business off into it’s own brand called Quikster. Now they just announced that no, in fact that is a bad idea. The real problem here is because the streaming and DVD businesses would have been totally separate, you would have had to log into both sites. It would have been very inconvenient to use. Add that on top of a huge price increase and you had a recipe for disaster. Well at least they realized the error before going through with it. It still doesn’t change my opinion that physical media like DVDs are obsolete.

It’s good to be back!

(cc) sabley


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