Posted by: crudbasher | October 12, 2011

AI Comes Into The Classroom, Thanks To Apple

Apple sold 1 million iPhone 4s in a 24 hour period. With every single one of them comes Siri, the person assistant.

Here’s a video of it in action, and my comments afterwards.


Here is what you are seeing. The last 2 decades of the Internet have been about two phases.

1990-2000 was about getting everyone online and getting information online.

2000-2010 was about interaction and personalization of information.

This next decade I think is going to be about seamless interaction and manipulation of information. I read somewhere that as of 2005 Google only actually archives ~60% of the Internet. Trying to find something becomes a trial of search terms. Today it’s not a question of if the information is out there, it’s a question of how easily I can find it.

Imagine giving a 5 year old child a new iPhone 4S with Siri. Then let them start asking questions. How cool would that be?

In a month’s time I wonder how many students will be in classrooms around the country with this little question answering box?


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