Posted by: crudbasher | October 24, 2011

Will Future Generations Care If They Have A Teacher?

I have on several occasions speculated that the model of school where all the students come together and have a teacher teach them is obsolete. I have also speculated that the whole concept of a flesh and blood teacher might be able to be replaced by artificial intelligence. I realize that it is a decade or so off before that can happen but we are starting to see signs of how the next generation will react to the idea of a virtual teacher.

Everyone who grew up before 2000, developed their social skills largely based on face to face contact with other people. This next generation is growing up with the Internet so they are developing differently. How will this affect education? This video may provide a clue. (H/T Gizmodo)

This little child is accepting of her daddy being on the TV. She doesn’t even realize that it’s just a recording. Now I realize that she is really young but keep in mind that the younger a child is, the stronger impressions are. Our technology is shaping the next generation in ways we won’t fully understand for a while yet. This little girl will be in college in 16 years. Are we really going to insist she sit in class and turn off her phone and computer?




  1. Yes, we will still see groups of children being taught by an adult made of flesh and blood. For the same reason that families will bring up their children in interaction with parents made of flesh and blood. And for the same reason that in 10 or 20 or 30 year’s time, we willen collaborate in the workplace with colleagues made of flesh and blood, even though there will be more digital tools at hand that promote collaboration and communication.

    People are people. People need people’s attention. No pre-recorded life that we watch until the tape slips.

    • It seems your argument for needing teachers in school is that children need families in order to be raised. However, can’t you also raise a child in an orphanage? It’s not desirable of course, but it is possible. Your second argument is that we will work in a workplace with people in 20 or 30 years time.

      I agree that in 20 years there will still be workplaces with people in them. I also agree that there will be classrooms with children in them. What percentage of the education system will be conducted in person though?

      Your comments indicate strong beliefs in personal contact. Can you say for certain that upcoming generations will have those beliefs too?

  2. Well I claim we should have foresightedness and vision .
    We want it or not flesh and blood will disappear.
    Number one to train the flesh and blood is coming more expensive every day . Therefore when you send your children to a flesh and blood he or she will charge you something you willnot be able to pay . That simple.
    I also want a private plain but just I cannot afford. So I use commercial airlines . Automated , non personilized one .
    People do not need people . People need good reliable service .
    I am afraid some of you ” fall in love with the recorded stewardess. “

    • You raise some good points. Labor is getting more expensive so companies are looking for ways to automate it. I’m glad you are at least considering the possibilities for the future! Thanks for commenting!

  3. For time being ; that happened in one of the movies .
    It will happen in real life too .

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