Posted by: crudbasher | November 2, 2011

Video Game AI Gets Better

Not a lot of time to blog today. (I hate that)

This article is a piece of a puzzle I am building this week towards Friday’s big post. This article talks about how researchers are using artificial intelligence routines to have a game program itself. When you do this, all of a sudden the game would just keep going and never end.

Other games have tried things like this to a certain extent. A game called Oblivion had a medieval town populated by AI driven characters. Each character had a simple belief system, and goals they would try to achieve. It worked well and helped the game seem realistic and alive.

AI driven game characters that learn from you is a holy grail in game programming. It takes a lot of computing power, but we are now starting to get enough power to do it.

Certainly this has applications to learning but I’ll get more into that on Friday.


    • What if programming a video-game AI could use an algorithm to figure things out for itself, extrapolating from a few decisions made by players  — and even reuse those lessons from one game to the next?
    • In related news, AI Challenge, sponsored by Google, lets non-programmers create a computer program (in any language) that controls a colony of ants that fight against other colonies for domination.

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  1. […] The first article was a posted a few days ago. It talked about how video game designers are starting to use AI to get games to write themselves. […]

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