Posted by: crudbasher | November 8, 2011

Creativity According To John Cleese

I came across this great video with John Cleese of Monty Python fame. It’s not particularly funny but it is very interesting! In it he talks about how to be creative. (H/T Heart Of Innovation)

What I found most interesting is he mentioned that in order to be creative you have to have boundaries of time and space. If you keep being interrupted, then you will not get into a creative mode.

The other thing I found interesting is he talked about how he could have a problem, sleep on it, and when he woke he had the answer. I find this also works with me.

So is this flexibility of time and space most likely to be found in a traditional brick and mortar school or in a home schooled student taking online classes? I think the answer is the online students. We will find out this decade as the first generation to learn online graduates and attempts to be creative.




  1. I call it ” elegant ”

    I usually critisize teachers without putting any aspect on it.

    John says ” some teachers are not creative , therefore they can not appeciate creativity and they can not raise creative students . ”

    Well said.

    He mentions ” boundry of time and space ”

    It is misunderwstood as as if Time and space should be bounded . Later one understand as you put it he mentions flexibility of time and space.

    • He certainly is elegant. Good observations!

  2. The audience did not understand the joke about the Flemish language and the disposal of ‘flem’ (phlegm), because the word phlegm is hardly known among non-anglophones. Yet some people laughed because a) that is polite and everyone understood that what Cleese said was supposed to be funny and b) what Cleese said came across as absurd enough to be a funny word joke, like ‘my language is called English because it reminds somewhat of Engl’.

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