Posted by: crudbasher | November 14, 2011

The Field Trip Of The Future

I love web cams. Some web cams you can just watch, and some you can actually control over the Internet. Those are my favorite!

Here’s an example from the University of Richmond.

School budgets never seem to have enough money to take enough field trips. I think in the near future, it will be possible to explore far off places remotely. Web cams are just the start of this.

Using technology like telepresence robots, we should be able to explore physical location from the classroom.

The robot in this video isn’t mobile, but that technology is possible today. Imagine renting a remote robot in Rome, or in Brazil, or China for an hour long class field trip. The students could take turns driving and exploring around. The robot would include a computer system that would keep it out of trouble but other than that, you can explore anywhere!

With this technology, the sky’s the limit.

(H/T Gizmodo)


  1. I say there is no limit for the technology in any field sure not in education technology as well.

    But every technology is rejected by the people who are benefiting from the old technology.

    So millions of teachers are against education technology. They thinks they will lose their jobs.

    When computer was out in 1960 with huge IBM machines everybody in the office doing recording of the information onto cards were so much afraid of.
    But we found some other jobs for them.

    Now please comment how we can convince teachers that they will not lose their jobs when all online arrives.

  2. Well it depends on what you mean by telling teachers they won’t lose their jobs. Some will I’m sure. The whole idea of what a teacher is and what they do will change. Education will follow every other knowledge based industry and get much more productivity out of their workers. This means you need less of them.

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