Posted by: crudbasher | November 16, 2011

You Think 16 Cores Was Impressive?

Not much time for a post today but I did find a few tech tidbits…

Yesterday I posted about how excited I was to see the first commercial 16 core CPUs. Well that record didn’t last long. Intel has one with 50!

The other big news is a research lab claims they can boost battery capacity by 10 times. The ramifications for this are huge! We use batteries in more and more things, including cars. If this technology pans out, it might actually make electric cars practical!


But relax, everything is the same in education.



  1. No education will be also better.
    A battery of tablet or netbook now lasts for 10 or more hours.
    It is not the same for education, but better for the education.

    • Yes but that is assuming that education will use tablets or laptops. Student centered rather than teacher centered. That requires more than technology.

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