Posted by: crudbasher | November 22, 2011

A Crack in the Credentialing Wall

I was going to post about this very neat story about how scientists have successfully made a contact lens that has a LED light built into it. It gets power wirelessly and they were able to turn it on and off. Sounds like a good first step for true Augmented Reality. And yet… something else caught my eye.

(cc) michelle

A theme on this blog for the past two years has been the impending implosion of mass standardized education in the face of Disruptive Innovation via the Internet.  I wrote this past Friday about how in terms of college, they are being sustained now only by the requirement by businesses to have a college degree. If that credentialing requirement goes away or is weakened substantially, the university business model collapses. So check out this story. It’s another cloud in the Stormfront of change heading our way.

Microsoft is offering $20,000 and office space to developers to create innovative products using their Kinect motion tracking camera. Now keep in mind Microsoft has their own developers so why are they doing this? I think it’s a preview of the future of business. First it with short term contracts it has high rewards for Microsoft, and low risk. It’s also a possible bonanza for the developers. Here’s where it comes to education: I read the application and noticed something missing. There is no requirement for a college degree at all.

Companies are staring to realize that there are a whole generation of people out there who are learning outside of college. Some of them are really “outside the box” thinkers too.

I bet you will see a lot more offers like this in the next few years. I’m also sure that most people in higher education will look at this and think it’s way to small to post any kind of threat to a massive university system. And that, is EXACTLY what early disruptive innovation looks like. 🙂

    • Microsoft is now accepting applications for its Kinect Accelerator program that offers a $20,000 investment and other perks.
    • Microsoft isn’t just letting anyone off the street sign up and claim their $20K prize. Following a competitive screening process, Microsoft will choose ten finalists. The “incubation” program itself will only last three months, running from March to May 2012 in Seattle, Washington. Finalists will receive the $20K investment, an Xbox SDK, a PC SDK, office space, all the resources of BizSpark, and technical training and support.

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  1. Now I see him as 1 % and me as 99 %

    So I am stronger . I reject the offer .

  2. Solid points crudbasher! With the dire financial outlook for the United States and Europe, we are in a game-changing environment. With $4-6$ trillion needed from the debt reduction plan/budget over the next few years (see, the trend will most likely continue that higher education gets fewer federal dollars. As such, with the cost of education rising far faster than incomes, people will — are — looking to alternative solutions. As an employee within higher ed, I’ve been trying to get more people within higher ed to respond to current trends — with the alternative/consequence of inaction being that we may eventually become irrelevant. The conversation is starting to move outside academia; and that’s what happens when an industry doesn’t respond to its customers.

    Daniel Christian

    • That’s a very good point Daniel. Universities don’t exist in a vacuum. If they aren’t meeting the needs of their customers, they might go somewhere else. Thanks for posting the links I’ll check them out!

      • Why people do not see and observe the very facts happening just in front of their very eyes .
        Inflation is 1-2 % during last 10 years. But tuitions increased almost 5-6 times . Why ? Because people are still paying that high price unwisely .
        Don’t you see that even State Universities are making huge amount of money.
        But no ; we are after for profits since they make huge profits. At least they pay taxes .
        State Universities make the same profits, even more than for profit schools and they do not pay any taxes.
        Poor people. They do not complain to their governers and senators.
        As if they do not know how to write and read .
        But some smart people are on the way from Wall Street .
        They will ask questions, they will ask why tuitions are so high .

        Just imagine.
        There is a new technology online courses.
        The cost to develop an online course is 1/10 of the f2f course.
        But state university sells that course at the same high price.
        State Universities do not need any Federal aid.
        They are swimming already in money .
        But there is no line in their books as ” profit ” Therefore they do not show it .
        But if they do not learn how to run a productive university Wall Street will visit them soon .
        One simple solution I offer :
        If they are short of money, then let them design online courses and deliver them. The cost is 1/10 . They do not need any federal money. And also cut their fee by 50 % still they will make money .

  3. Also see the image from Gerd Leonard’s recent presentation:

    Presentation at:

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