Posted by: crudbasher | December 21, 2011

A Voice Controlled Future?

Siri on iPhone 4s

Siri is a new feature with the latest iPhone from Apple. You can ask the phone to do certain things for you and it will respond. Pretty cool but it’s certainly limited. Still, it’s the first of a new breed of interface for computers.

My wife has one of these new phones so I’ve tried Siri out. When I did I immediately thought “Why isn’t this in my TV and DVR?” My DVR is from Comcast and has a travesty of a user interface. It’s one of those software designs where you wonder if the designers actually used it themselves. So why can’t I just tell my DVR what I want to record? Better yet, why can’t I tell Siri on my phone what I want to record and it then tells the DVR to do it.

This type of interaction is possible today and will be common in a few years I’m sure. So my question is: can we use this technology in a classroom? I’m thinking of a teacher’s assistant that lives in the classroom. If you had a Siri types assistant, you can have it turn the classroom screen on, load files, play media and so on. This might free up the teacher a little bit to be able to move around the classroom more.

You might recall that I have been down on 3D technology for movies and TV. I don’t see it as adding a lot to the interface and sales numbers have borne me out. Voice commands though I think will be successful and useful. It’s all about interfacing and accessing information. Voice command will be useful in the right applications.

One last thing. I don’t see Voice command as a disruptive technology. It’s an enhancement to existing methods and won’t displace things I don’t think.

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