Posted by: crudbasher | January 16, 2012

What to Watch For In Apple’s Education Announcement

I’ve been reading Audrey Watter’s blog Hack Education for 6 months now. It’s really good stuff and I recommend following her if you like my blog. She wrote a post today about what she is looking for in Apple’s education announcement later this week. I had some thoughts about this myself so I want to get my predictions down here.

So here is what to watch for and what I think it means.

  1. Apple wants to sell more hardware. Steve Jobs was very clear on this point. Apple is a hardware company. Everything other part of their business is to help them sell more hardware. Watch to see if what they announce is cross platform, or if it only works in the Apple ecosystem.
  2. The 18-24 demographic (aka college students) is the one that matters the most to advertisers because that is the one where people tend to set lifetime preferences for products. Apple realizes it’s eBook system hasn’t been successful yet (compared to so watch to see if they try to get the college student market. The thinking here is that if college students are used to buying their textbooks from Apple, maybe they will buy other books too?
  3. When Apple first created iTunes, I think the music industry didn’t really understand what a disruptive innovation that was. Therefore they let Apple pretty much have it’s way as far a pricing. This taught the content industry to be much more careful with their products. I would be surprised if Apple didn’t do something with eTextbooks. The question is, will they work just with existing textbook makers or will they let anyone publish and sell a textbook? Bonus question: if they are selling existing textbooks, what price will they be? I have a hard time seeing existing textbook makers being part of a system where their products are drastically reduced in price, and competing with an open market. They won’t break up their cartel unless they are forced to.

For all the love for Apple from the fanbois keep in mind they are trying to make money. They don’t want to change or revolutionize education. Govern your expectations accordingly.

    • Since Apple issued invitations to its media event on January 19, there’s been plenty of ink spilled about what the company will reveal. “Join us for an education announcement in the Big Apple” — that’s the only clue we have, well that and the Walter Isaacson biography of Steve Jobs and rthe revelations he was working on a plan to “disrupt the textbook industry” before he died.
    • I have my own questions (doubts and excitement) about what we’ll see, as well as a wish list, of sorts, of the things I’d like to see Apple tackle

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  1. If Apple is smart enough it would provide all online courses of K12 Corp and FloridaVirtual School ONLINE Courses ( Contents ) . and provide it at Apps prices to 60,000,000 K12 students in USA .
    That would be revlution .

  2. I would like to see the faces of the teachers who are against technology, while all 60 million children are walking around with Appps with K12 and Florida software in it .

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