Posted by: crudbasher | January 23, 2012

A Dramatic Example of the Internet Aggregation Effect

Internet Aggregation Effect – The ability of groups of like minded people to form to collaborate on a project at little or no cost.

I was just blown away by an amazing video. Here watch this. (just kidding, it’s 2 hours long)

This is a shot for shot remake of Star Wars. The way it was done is the project leaders split up the film into 15 second chunks, then let anyone film the chunk and submit it. They then spliced it all together. It’s amazing!

The amazing this about this was it was very low cost. You can’t do something like this in the government. For example, the US government setup a website called to track how the stimulus money was being used. After a year of operation they wanted to redesign it. The redesign cost $18 million dollars. (source) Of course, the company that won the redesign donated $190,000 to the Democrat House Majority Leader (and didn’t donate to anyone else). I’m sure it’s a coincidence.

With all of the talk about reform of public education in the US, remember it’s a branch of the government. That’s why I think the following:

A. While technology might be added, the fundamental structure of public education which is a top down, centrally planned system won’t change.

B. Parents are going to get sick of this and find alternatives. The Internet is making this possible.


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