Posted by: crudbasher | January 26, 2012

Study: Phones Outnumber PCs In Most Markets

This graph is interesting. It shows how smart phone ownership has drastically increased.


Also in the report was that more people access the net now with a mobile device than a PC or laptop.

There are a few things to take away from this.

  1. Right now we are seeing a migration from dumb phones to smart phones. This migration will only have a limited life span though as the market matures. In other words at some point everyone will have a smart phone who wants one.
  2. At that point phone companies will have to go after new markets.
  3. These new markets I think will be younger users. It helps sell more phones and will help establish brand loyalty.
  4. Smart phones will plummet in cost as time goes on. Right now the limiting factor is data plan costs. Watch for that cost to drop pretty soon too.

I wonder how many students across the world this fall will have a smart phone in their pocket on the first day of class?

    • The Google data also finds that more consumers in each of these markets now have an internet-capable mobile device than have a desktop or laptop computer. In the U.S. the difference is nearly 10% more (76% to 68%), although consumers still report accessing the internet on multiple types of devices.

      Tablets were seen as gaining share, hovering around 10% in each market outside the U.S. and slightly higher (17%) here. This week Pew Research Center issued some new numbers from its ongoing internet and American Life survey that show holiday sales of tablets and e-readers have doubled market share in a matter of weeks. The new Kindles and strong iPad sales helped drive that

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