Posted by: crudbasher | January 30, 2012

Video Of Amazing New EBook Interface

I saw this on Edudemic today. It’s a video of a experimental interface for use in eReaders. The author of the post on Edudemic things that Apple should buy it, and I totally agree with him. Here’s the video and a few thoughts below.

This video show alternate ways to navigate eBooks. A thought struck me when I saw this. I think the metaphor they are using will only be effective if the user has lots of experience using physical books. But can we count on this?

Amy Barnabi, a teacher friend of mine posted the following funny story on Facebook this weekend:

“One of my friends told me at school on Friday that one of her boys needed to use the phone, so she told him to pick up her phone in the back of the classroom and dial 9 to get out, then the number. After a few seconds he asked her, “How do I hit send?” – He had never been on a land line. :)”

Our technology is changing our students. I think this is one of the most compelling reasons I think education is about to undergo a radical change.


    • Currently, navigating an e-reader is nothing like a book. It may seem like it at this point, but wait until you see the amazing new features in this fresh take on e-reader interaction. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if Apple bought this technology and had it in the next evolution of iOS.

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  1. […] However, I found this video of a different E-Reader interface that has peaked my interest. (Hat Tip: Educational Stormfront) […]

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