Posted by: crudbasher | February 8, 2012

A Video Of What Future Classrooms (won’t) Look Like

Ah I love futurist videos. They are great to get the mind working on the possibilities and are good PR for the companies that create them.

Corning makes glass. In fact if you have an iPhone or iPad then you already have their products. They make the glass screens. Nice job.

In the last few months they created a stir by posting a very cool video called “A Day Made Of Glass“. Now they have followed it up with a more in depth video where they explain the new technologies in the video. The video is 11 minutes long but the part I want to talk about is at 1:50. It’s when the girl goes to her futuristic school. Watch it until 3:05 please.

There are several concepts being shown here. First, I love the wall sized touch screen. The technology is very cool. Second, you will have noticed that each child has their own computer/tablet thingy. Also very cool. Finally, they take part in an activity on a large touch table where they mix colors or something. The technology to do all this is amazing. However, it’s a horrible school.

I’m assuming this video is for a school probably about 10 years off or so. Even so, it seems very familiar. The teacher is at the front of the classroom, the students sit in rows, heck they even have uniforms on! Watch the first section at 2:10 carefully. If you have a screen the size of a wall, why do you need a smaller one at each student’s desk SHOWING THE SAME THING!! At no point in the video do the students actually use those tablets in the classroom for doing their own work. It is hugely depressing to think that if you strip all the technology away from the video, what you get is EXACTLY THE SAME PEDAGOGICAL MODEL AS THE LAST 150 YEARS! All that technology, and the best they could come up with is just a more elaborate powerpoint presentation!? The scene with the touchtable (@2:40) also makes no sense to me. They could be doing that on their own tablets so why are they crowded around a table? It wasn’t collaborative work either as each child had their own space.

Strangely, there is some hope in the video. Watch it from 4:19. The kids seem to go on a field trip to a park. Because they don’t have uniforms on anymore, I’m thinking this is outside of school. They use their tablets to interact with dinosaurs. It’s a very cool idea and provides an immersive learning experience. Learning will be embedded everywhere you go. The world will become your classroom.

The other thing the video really was missing was Augmented Reality glasses. If you have the technology to make that tablet, then you can do actual glasses.

So overall I liked the video from a technology standpoint, especially the video conference wall in the hospital. I just don’t take inspiration from a pedagogy standpoint. In Corning’s defense, I’m sure they weren’t going for groundbreaking pedagogy. Still, I hope we can do better than this.

What did you folks think?



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  2. EMDTer here.
    Just think how many “stuck” design elements there are in this video, beyond pedagogy…we are not only stuck in one or two areas… we are totally stuck. Until a brilliant designer removes our blinders.

    Think about the following elements from the video:

    beds? bed as this flat thing with padding on it needs a real re-working.
    comforters? extravagant use of material when we have amazing new materials.
    carpets? hello, carpets are hotbeds of bacteria and who knows what else… carpets must give way to new surface skins.

    digital time? come on now, we can do better than a linear representation of time.
    a zipper for a closure on the tablet case??? We can do better than a zipper.
    Dad in a suit… ??? Helloooooo
    school uniforms???? where’s the interactive clothing?
    garage doors???
    backpacks? what are they for?
    omg… the kids have their hands folded in front of them?

    Ranger with pony tail?
    popcorn in a bowl while watching a movie?

    • Heh you did see quite a radical vision there Margaret! 🙂

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