Posted by: crudbasher | March 5, 2012

The Hidden Technology In Classrooms

I came across a really cool paragraph which got me thinking. Teachers have always wanted more funding for technology in their classroom. I realized though that they have more already than they realize.

This quote comes from a new book called Abundance. (H/T

Twenty years ago, most well-off US citizens owned a camera, a video camera, a CD player, a stereo, a video game console, a cell phone, a watch, an alarm clock, a set of encyclopedias, a world atlas, a Thomas Guide, and a whole bunch of other assets that easily add up to more than $10,000. All of which come standard on today’s smart phones…that’s how quickly $10,000 worth of expenses can vanish.

What this means is that many students (and soon every student) has access to technology that would have cost a fortune a decade ago.

What will they have access to in another decade?

Here’s a video I found about the book. Looks like I have more to read!




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