Posted by: crudbasher | March 7, 2012

The Rules Of Disruptive Innovation

(cc) Yumi Abe

Probably the most important concept I have been learning over the past year is this idea of Disruptive Innovation. This is where methods of doing things are overtaken and replaced by new methods. This happens in business models (re: Blockbuster vs Netflix) but it can also be applied to other organizations. I’m writing this post to try to sort out what I believe.


Disruptive Innovation… 

  1. …is spawned by necessity.
  2. …is much more likely to happen in small organizations than large ones.
  3. …is easier to begin with then to evolve into.
  4. …is not looked to when things are going well.
  5. …is not a way to maintain the status quo.
  6. …is shunned by the organizations with the most to lose.
  7. …is more likely to happen in loose organizational structures.
  8. …is least likely to happen in large bureaucracies.
  9. …starts in the low margin areas of a business model first.
  10. …is usually discounted and ignored, until the very last moment.
  11. …makes it hard to predict to ultimate outcome.
  12. …cannot be adopted without giving something important up.
  13. …can be blocked (or ignored) by government.
  14. …is like an arrow. It’s hardest to see when it’s heading for your head.

So any thoughts? Am I missing anything?



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