Posted by: crudbasher | March 13, 2012

A Dramatic Example Of The Accelerating Speed Of Innovation

Wow! About a year ago, I wrote this post about a demo from EPIC Games showing their next generation video game technology. The post was written on May 9th of last year. That was 10 months ago. At the recent Game Developer Conference EPIC showed the demo again. What is significant is that last year it took 3 high end video cards working together to run the demo. That is a lot more horsepower than you typically would see in a computer.

This year the same demo took just one high end card.

The new graphics chip from Nvidia is called Kepler, and it comes out next month. At this rate, you will see high end mobile devices with this kind of performance in the next three years, and all mobile devices will have it in five!

This is almost photorealistic and will allow virtual field trips and learning simulations with amazing fidelity. Once you couple this with Augmented Reality, you will be able to blend very realistic graphics with the real world.

3D graphics technology is on my list of disruptive technologies along with the realtime voice translation from yesterday.


Here is the demo again if you didn’t see it last time. Warning, it has graphic violence in it.

    • At the 2011 GDC conference, Epic introduced the Samaritan demo, which provided users a look at the next generation of videogame graphics. The demo utilized a host of advanced rendering techniques to create a realistic environment. The issue with the demo in 2011 was it took three GeForce GTX 580s to run the demo in real-time. At this years GDC, Epic showed the demo utilizing only one next-generation Nvidia Kepler GPU.

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