Posted by: crudbasher | March 21, 2012

Big Increase In Hard Drive Capacity Imminent

My first PC was an IBM clone AT. It had a 12mhz processor, one meg of Ram and a 40 meg hard drive. It was the fastest machine on the block as far as I remember.

How times have changed! This article talks about how we will soon be seeing hard drives with capacities of 6 Terabytes.

To compare, my first 40 meg hard drive could store (I know it’s not exactly this number, i’m simplifying)

40,000,000 bytes

A 6 Terabyte drive can store

6,000,000,000 bytes

Wow. So how much data are we talking about?

According to Wikipedia  one terabyte of audio recorded at CD quality will contain around 2,000 hours of audio. So a 6 TB drive can hold 1.36 years of CD quality audio.

Eventually we will be able to have a camera with us that constanly records everything we do. Then the computer will index it all and archive it as an extention of our brain based memory system. Microsoft has been working on this for years. Here’s a demo. Microsoft MyLifeBits.

This isn’t disruptive technology but it is enabling technology. Where this will really help in learning is the ability to have instant recall of everything you come into contact with.

    • Seagate is preparing the first commercial hard disks capable of storing one trillion bits of data per square inch on its platters using a technology called heat assisted magnetic recording (HAMR). That means 3.5-inch hard drives with capacities of 6 terabytes could be just around the corner—and 60-terabyte drives are that much closer to becoming a reality.
    • Seagate claims to have used HAMR to achieve a data density of just over 1 trillion bits per square inch on a drive surface, and believes that it will, at a minimum be able to handle densities of up to 10 terabits per square inch within a decade. By comparison, current drives using Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR) technology have a density of up to about 630 gigabits per square inch, and has a theoretical limit around 1 terabit per square inch, HAMR could theoretically reach densities of up to 10 terabit or more per square inch.

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