Posted by: crudbasher | May 11, 2012

A Moment Of Inspiration From The Space Program

As we in the US plunge into this campaign year, it is difficult to maintain the long view of things. As I have spoken about previously there are two ways to motivate people; fear and passion.

Each side in the political war will be using both and believe me, this year will be a war. Even so, it’s important to step back just for a moment and remember that in the long term, the world will keep turning and life will continue. Our lives will go on for better or worse until our end but our species will endure and adapt.

Lost in the noise this week has been a lot of news about commercial spaceflight. I won’t go over it all but I believe humanity is destined to move out into space. There are no other human endeavors that fire the imagination of our children as much as the space program because I think they get it. So with that in mind, forget the fear for a moment and watch this amazing video.

I strongly encourage you to watch it full screen at 1080p with some headphones on. It’s that good. 🙂


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