Posted by: crudbasher | June 21, 2012

10 Year Old Solves Science Problem and Coauthors Paper

I’m going to be out of town Thursday and Friday this week so I’m setting up two posts ahead of time.
Continuing with my theme of kids learning things outside of school here is a story about a 10 year old named Linus Hovmöller Zou. Together with his father he first started doing Sudoku puzzles then, as he put it:

Approximants are related to quasicrystals, which are ordered atomic structures but with symmetries that were believed to be impossible – for example, 5-fold symmetry. The approximants we studied have 5-fold and 10-fold symmetry.
The result was Linus’s name on the paper he wrote with his father, published in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A this month.

That is pretty cool!

What will standardized schooling do when their standard students aren’t standard anymore?


  1. Were they ever standard?

    • I think I understand your question. Students have never been totally standard but based on the difficulty of getting information and knowledge in the past it was possible to make certain assumptions about things incoming students have in common. Now, I believe it is harder and harder to make that generalization. The critical thing is that public schooling is based on that generalization.

      Thanks for commenting!!

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