Posted by: crudbasher | August 6, 2012

An Amazing Event On Mars

I woke this morning to the great news that our latest rover had landed on Mars! The Curiosity rover is a nuclear powered vehicle the size of a small car. How cool is that!

The landing sequence is just mind blowing in how complex it was and how ambitious. And yet it worked. Awesome!

Here’s a video of what was planned. They called it Seven minutes of Terror. Watch this and see why. šŸ™‚

Here is the mission control center monitoring the descent. What is important to note is the time delay in signal is 14 minutes so the vehicle had already landed but they didn’t know yet.

So that was impressive and moving enough right? However at the noon press conference, they released another image. Wow.

Curiosity Under It’s Parachute (H/T NASA)

This is just mind blowing. This image was taken by another space probe from 340 km away. This is the sort of world we live in. This all gives me an idea for a theme for the week!!

Our kung fu is mighty!


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